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There are several ways you can discover the charm of Kalona and its Amish culture.

Your Charter Bus Options
Charter Bus 1   Charter Bus 2   Large Group Meal
Full Day with Meal
  Half Day with Meal
  2 Hour with Meal
Charter Bus 3   The Kalona Historical Society
does not have their own
Charter Bus so these tours are available with YOUR bus

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Kalona Coaches Charter Service
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  Ag Tour
2 Hr Step On Guide
(no meal)
      Ag Tour Options
(with or without meal)

Our Van Tour Options
Freindly Guide       Van Tour
3 Hour with Evening Meal
      90 Minute - Twice Daily

Other Group Tours
Ag Tours 2   Full Day with meal   3 Hour with Meal
Ag Tours
  Full Day with Meal
  3 Hour with Meal
Speaker with meal   Barn Quilts   SChool Groups
Speaker with Meal   Barn Quilt Tours   School Groups

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