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Kalona Village
Welcome Center
715 D Avenue

Kalona, IA 52247

For more info:
  Known as the Quilt Capitol of Iowa, Kalona is the home of the Quilt & Textile Museum
located in the Kalona Historical Village Welcome Center.
The museum features two nationally acclaimed galleries, one for Amish textiles,
and a second with an every changing theme for English (non-Amish) pieces.
New exhibits are created every three months, so if you have visited the museum in the past,
chances are you will discover something new with each visit.
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Adults $6.00
 Youth 7-12 $2.00
  Summer Hours:
April - October: 
Mon- Sat 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

  Winter Hours:
November - March:
Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
    History of the Quilt & Textile Museum

The collection was begun in 2000 by Marilyn Woodin,
an avid quilt collector, and former curator of the museum. 
Since that time, the collection has expanded and is now kept
in humidity & light controlled rooms.
Many exhibitions also see the loan of quilts from other museums
to complete a theme or collection.
    IIQSG   The Quilt & Textile Museum is the meeting place for the

Iowa Illinois Quilt Study Group

The mission of IIQSG
is to create and establish a place
for sharing
research and learning about quilts and related textiles;
to network with local, state, and international historians;  
and to encourage historical preservation of quilts with an appreciation of the social, historical, cultural and aesthetic influence of quilts and quilt makers. 
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