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Contact Us   All meals are served family style, which means you are served large bowls and platters of the items on your reserved menu,
 and you spoon the size of portion you are comfortable with onto your personal plate.
If the bowl is emptied, the cook sees to it that you never leave hungry.
Kalona Village
Welcome Center
715 D Avenue

Kalona, IA 52247

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Friend Us on Facebook   With reservations by 9:00 am,
ou are allowed the selection of One Meat:
Bone In Ham  -  Fried Chicken

The rest of the meal consists of D
ressing or Noodles, Chicken Gravy, Potato (mashed or fried), Vegetable of the Day, Lettuce or Cabbage Salad, Tapioca Pudding, Home-Baked Bread, Apple Butter or Jam, Homemade Peanut Butter, and One Dessert, which may be Homemade Pies, Angelfood Cake w/Fruit Topping or Roman Apple Cake,
 Iced Tea or Coffee
  Please make sure you
notify us if anyone in
your party has any
allergies or

dietary restrictions
that our cooks need to
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