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JK Creative Wood & Gifts

Every one of the Brokaws gets involved in this family owned woodworking operation. The distinctive pieced designs, created with solid kiln-dried wood, are painstakingly produced, each a unique creation. Observe the creative process. Shop also sells Amish quilts, custom furniture, pottery, glass, jewelry and other handmade gifts. $$
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Get a sneak peak at the Hershberger family operation, as these delectable handmade confections are created right before your eyes.
Sample the milk or dark chocolates.  $$
  Kalona Chocolates
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Kalona Village
Welcome Center
715 D Avenue

Kalona, IA 52247

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  Kalona Cheese Curds   Kalona Creamery

Previously known worldwide as the Kalona Cheese Haus, this locally owned dairy has been modernized and now gives local farmers a novel option for their milk. Visitors tour the plant and learn about the fresh products, including organic and Non-GMO, being processed daily. $$
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Discover the tricks behind the creation of those mouth watering egg noodles in this fascinating demonstration. Learn the secret to delicious meals using this German Amish staple. Product is available for purchase. $$
  Kalona Noodles
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