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What To See    Produce Auction   Amish Produce / Floral Auction House 

Tour the cooperative sale site of the local Amish farmers who supply wholesale plants and produce to local grocers, farmers market vendors, restaurants and other bulk purchasers. .  $$

Sales held seasonally Tuesdays and Fridays mornings
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How to Help   Community Country Store

Amish Country general stores specialize in kitchen and household goods, much like your grandparents used, and still popular with the Amish of today. Depending on your tour, we will select the one best suited to your size and form of transportation. Some closed Tuesdays.  $$
  Community Country Store
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Kalona Village
Welcome Center
715 D Avenue

Kalona, IA 52247

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  JK Creative Wood   JK Creative Wood & Gifts

Every one of the Brokaws gets involved in this family owned woodworking operation. The distinctive pieced designs, created with solid kiln-dried wood, are painstakingly produced, each a unique creation. Observe the creative process. Shop also sells Amish quilts, custom furniture, pottery, glass, jewelry and other handmade gifts. $$
 Friend Us on Facebook   Kalona Chocolates

Get a sneak peak at the Hershberger family operation, as these delectable handmade confections are created right before your eyes.
Sample the milk or dark chocolates.  $$
  Kalona Chocolates
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    Kalona Historical Village   Kalona Historical Village

Relive the 1800’s when you visit the 13 authentically restored buildings, lovingly preserved and filled with interesting and informative displays depicting the lifestyle of the early Iowa pioneer.
    Kalona Quilt & Textile Museum

Galleries for both Amish and English (non-Amish) quilts, showcasing quilt history of the midwest and beyond. New exhibits are installed quarterly in a variety of themes, so if you have visited the museum in the past, chances are you will discover something new. May also view the United States premier collection of spool cabinets or visit the brand new textile library.
  Quilt Textile Museum
    Kalona Sales Barn   Kalona Sale Barn

Depending upon the day, your tour will encompass the procedures necessary to operate a livestock auction and may witness the sale of a variety of livestock at this 4th generation family owned auction house.

Check out their auction schedule here
    Max Cast Statue   Max-Cast Sculpture Foundry *

Founded in 1983 by artists, Steve Maxon & Doris Park, Max-Cast is a full-service foundry, casting in bronze, iron, and aluminum. Your guide explains the unique steps and different processes used in the metal casting of fine art sculptures.
    Quilt Block Walk & Historic Downtown Kalona

Enjoy the 40 minute quilt block walk and learn the story behind the unique quilt patterns of the Amish. The walk also travels past an exceptional array of shops brimming with antiques, fabrics, quilts, crafts, home decor, gifts, art, and the famous Kalona Chocolates. $$
  Quilt Block Walk
    Stringtown Grocery   Stringtown Grocery

This famous Amish bulk food grocery is a favorite of locals, and a landmark for visitors interested in the unique offering of ingredients for baking and snacking. Features an organic section. Tour includes talk?? $$
     Woodin Wheel Antiques

Known worldwide for its selection of hand-stitched American quilts, vintage and new, tour includes display of some of the most gorgeous quilts in the US. Newer quilts are mostly of Amish-Mennonite origin, and range in size from small blocks to king size bed covers. The shop also is home to antique glassware, jewelry, small furniture, linens, laces and new gifts, including Amish dolls and crafts. $$
  Woodin Wheel Quilts
    Moss Print from Village Shoppe   The Village Shoppe Art Gallery

Featuring the works of P. Buckley Moss, the tour involves an informative talk on Moss, local landmarks and the Amish, who are the inspiration for many of her works.The shop also has a lovely array of gifts. $$
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